On the Road (to Palm Springs)


And with Jack Benny on the radio, too (via Radio Classics).  Also RoadDog Truckers. We’ve just missed an on-air altercation. The host  is saying “When I said call the police if you’re trailer’s missing, I din’t mean to be disrespectful . . .”. And then Comedy Radio, and Clinton Jackson doing his striking outside the fast food outlet Denny’s routine: “We want cold nasty food. When do we want it? NOOOOWW”.

We pass Quartzsite, and the turning for Gold Nugget road, and I think about stopping and becoming a rockhound.  Mainly what I think about is lettuce. I really want some lettuce. haven’t seen any for days. There are mountains in the distance now – Apache reservations. We pull in for fuel at an Apache Reservation gas station. It’s a pretty bleak place, a sprawl of low houses bisected by the freeway, a few youths lethargically shooting hoops in a muddy lot, dogs trotting by briskly, and a massive casino down the road. “You’re a long way from home” a man says to me as he fills his car, meaning Texas, which is on the plates. Someone else, stepping down from a Christian outreach van asks me if I know who Geronimo was. It’s all very political. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. I go for “a leader?” “He was mean. Real mean” he says over the traffic. “His spirit still lives on round here. Most people have lost it, but there’s a few that have it still” and I can’t tell whether he thinks that’s a good thing or not.

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