Santa Fe

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Made two stops in Santa Fe before returning to the fireside at the Inn of the Governors. First stop Santa Fe Indian Trading Company where there was a fair bit of tat, some listless art works and an atmosphere that was somewhere between disinterested and frosty; second, the Plaza Cafe virtually next door for comfort food (chile con carne that has a good old bite, with corn bread) and friendly faces. I guess it must get tedious living in an artsy tourist city and having people come and visit it, but I’m not too sympathetic.

The local paper captured the flavour of local life, inevitably. I read through Events: ‘Farm Women Tell Their Stories’, ‘An Evening of Chanting’, ‘Stories of Old Santa Fe’, ‘Creating Spaciousness – Ancient Practices to Enhance Our Modern Lives’, ‘Orchid Culture Workshop’, ‘Free Foreclosure Education Workshop’, ‘Understanding your Medicare Options’. Under Classifieds I find ‘Cat Lost’ and ‘Cat Found’, and in the Properties section I see that Santa Fe style homes with views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Kiva fireplaces and old-growth aspens are the hot properties de jour. There’s a story about how someone found a poodle, made some dog coats our of Indian blankets that Neiman Marcus snapped up, who now lives in Santa Fe with her pets and Mexican pottery collection, gardening and playing bridge. American dream.

I was thinking of buying a rug or some jewels, but I couldn’t afford it so I had another margarita instead.


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