Tick Tick: The USA Road Trip

sorrelfilmingSo, the driving part of the Somewheresville USA Road Trip has ended, but I’ll be adding more video plus interviews and practical road trip information in the weeks and months to come. Somewheresville began back in October 2012 with a look around the USA, from Detroit to North Carolina and from Atlanta to San Francisco and back. The route was very loosely mapped to get me to places and people connected with a film idea, and in many of the locations I filmed either interviews or something to capture the spirit of the place, sometimes just on an iPhone. There are around 90 USA posts so far, and around  one-third come with short clips and excerpts edited (roughly and without Final Cut Pro which I lost in a HoJo coffee incident) in various motel rooms. As a travel journalist who’s moved into TV documentaries, it’s been great to combine the two media – although I am pining for the expertise of a nice big crew – and the budget. And it would have been nice to have had time to ponder and polish . . . but I wanted to keep it all instant and authentic. Anyway, all the posts can be accessed in reverse chronological order through the USA category linkAlternatively you can click on specific states under Categories to pull up the posts about them, e.g. Texas. Some of the pictures have made their way onto the Pinterest. Please feel free to comment and contact me and give me your ‘likes’, and thank you so very much to everyone who has emailed!


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