Rum & Coke: Nectar of the Gods

rum and cokeHonourable mention to rum which, like sunset, is a most pleasant end to a tiring Osa day. Costa Rica has historically regarded itself as a step above Nicaragua in most matters, and Nicaragua has been held responsible for many of the country’s problems, including a dengue outbreak, the widespread use of the expression ‘porta a mi‘ by teenagers in the 1990s, and the failure of various coffee harvests. Nevertheless, almost everyone agrees that, when it comes to rum, Nicaragua’s Flor de Cana is the very best. Take one tumbler of ice, add the nectar of the gods, a bit of Coke and a good squeeze of lemon. Alternatively, take one tumbler of ice, add rum and a lot of lemon juice and shake of cane sugar.

I’m often thinking about what to do with lemons. The funny thing about these particular lemons, is that they look like limes on the outside, the flesh is orange, and they are often called mandarinas. But they taste like lemons, and are used like lemons – at least, when they are used. We get them by the sack-load, and as juice up at the hotel because they grow in ridiculous profusion at the back of the property.  The next step is to get them used. I’ve asked the kitchen to provide loads of quarters of lemons every time they serve fish, and I’m trying to get pitchers of fresh lemonade onto the tables at lunchtime. I’ve also been reading Jamie Oliver’s lemon, lime and mint sorbet recipe . . . I just wish someone would make this sorbet and bring it to me now with a spoon.


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