As cheap as chips


Things the province of Jaen has that the province of Cadiz does not:  a tricky name; proximity to Granada; rural houses for sale from €30,000 – €100,000; some rural houses for sale from €30,000 – €100,000 that are over 40m2 and are therefore indeed houses (albeit small ones) and not naves which in England we call sheds; rural houses that  are available without the 10 hectares of mountains; and the most olives in Spain. So, after verifying all this on the internet – yes, everything looks great there – we’ve been looking in the olive heartlands north of Alcalá la Real and south of Martos, at places advertised in Ventas del Carrizal and Castillo de Locubin, places which seemed pretty nice in the summer but right now, with the fog and rain, look grey and wet. Everyone’s been saying you have to imagine the house in the sun. Why? If it’s going to look like this every February? Half the time I can’t even imagine the house with a roof.

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2 thoughts on “As cheap as chips

  1. kung fu stars. says:

    Most enjoyable following your house hunting Sorrel – as grasshopper once said ” you will know when you know” great photo`s too. Love to you both.

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