Oh Why Not?

David Harper

Another new-build; this one the manifestation of a German’s freaky dream; an up yours to white village architectural restrictions, building standards, and good taste. Even though it is outside the boundaries of the Sierra de Grazalema national park (not far from Algodonales, if you are interested in making an offer), it is a bold – defiant – deviation from the norm. In some respects it is quite inspiring; who says your house shouldn’t be hilarious? Who says, given a set of bricks and a concrete mixer, you can’t build your own bunker dwelling? Perched on a hillock and visible for miles, it is a gripping sight. Manolo and Molino were as keen to poke around as we were, and made soft, positive noises about the fact it was legal, had water, and the fact the pink roof could be raised to turn the one room into two. It seems the owner-builder-dreamer had run out of enthusiasm halfway through the construction of the terrace, or maybe taken a look at his project with fresh eyes and left to live in something square.

The one thing that this has going for it is the views, down over the lush valley of Bocaleones and across to Zahara. Intriguingly, he had elected to completely encircle his house with fast-growing trees to block it. What do you think? asked Manolo. ‘Ha ha ha,’ I said.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Why Not?

  1. I happen to be in Cadiz at the moment, I’ll keep an eye out for that monstrosity.

  2. Sorry, no. But a lot of friends speak fondly of Salobreña, and Zahara de los Atunes.

  3. tsuhelm says:

    UGLY!…not a deviation but a deviant of architecture! Maybe the trees where to hide the building…
    If I could I would but only to demolish…

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