Restoration Period

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Now Paco & Ivan the joker are working with us on the house, things are moving at a cracking pace. Indeed, I have discovered it’s best not to say, ‘maybe we could have a window here . . . ‘, and then drive into the village to get supplies – although the floor to ceiling window on the second floor is, well, dramatic. The pipes have been laid in the bathroom (I think). We finally found a bath. Or rather, a bath in a shop in Jérez – there are baths in every field, and horses drinking out of them. But they can’t fit the windows and door until I provide them; I can’t begin to get them until I know what size they need to be, and Paco and Ivan, waving their mallets, are insistent they can be any size. Even then, with a Peugeot 206 GTI and no doors around these parts, it’s not straightforward. We redouble the efforts to find a suitable door in the classified ads after finding odd paw marks in the mud of the house, and a snake slithering around the newly installed toilet. The first goes in, along with a chandelier for morale. I’ve now put the first 8 coats over the old walls. At least, the parts I can reach. White obviously – white paint’s a good business to be in round here.

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