Restoration Period

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Now the builders Paco & Ivan the joker are helping on the house, things are moving at a cracking pace. Indeed, I have discovered it’s best not to say, ‘maybe we could have a window here . . . ‘, and then drive into the village to get supplies, although the floor to ceiling window on the second floor is dramatic. The pipes have been laid in the bathroom (I think) and I have found a bath, or rather a bath that isn’t being used as a trough in a field. Windows and doors can not be fitted  until I provide them and I can’t begin to get them until I know what size they need to be; Paco and Ivan, twirling their mallets, insist they can be any size. Any size that can fit in or on a Peugeot 206. I redouble my efforts to find a suitable them in the classified ads after seeing paw marks in the mud of the house, and a snake sunning itself beside the newly installed toilet. I opted for a chandelier for morale and have now put the first 8 coats of paint and plaster over some of the old walls. White obviously – the local hardware store sells crimson, sapphire, buttercup yellow and orange paint, sells every shade in between, but people only ever buy white.

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