Floral Charts

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I’m trying to catalogue the wildflowers on the farm. I don’t know more than a few of the names – poppies, daisies, and vetch, (amapolas, margaritas, and arveja) so there’s a fundamental flaw in the plan. There’s always the internet, but the weather is good and sitting at a desk doing the ID is boring, so that can wait until winter. So for now I’ll just continue wandering through the fields in the evenings, gawping, and photographing. These, which arrived in mid-April, are starting to fade out, but a new batch of May flowers is taking over.
Antonio’s sheep were doing a good job of eating through them, an advancing front of teeth and bells, but Fernando’s dog barked in the next field, and the wind make him sound nearer than he was, and the sheep, all 120 of them, got spooked and ran hell for leather back down the hill followed by Antonio. I don’t know if they’re coming back. Hope so. I liked the sound of them.
I enjoy my flawed project, it’s pretty blissful, although I am supposed to be bashing the weeds down around the olives, and digging the rest up with a tractor.


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