Catching Up

A busy month not a dull one is the reason behind he lack of posts. I have spent a lot of it in water – kayaking in reservoirs, reading in streams, swimming through gorges. Not unrelated, I experienced my first 48 degrees, the official temperature registered on the sign of the farmacia in Nijar, Almeria and came close to blacking out while holding a shelf of ceramic pots for support. Not unrelated either, I became nocturnal and enjoyed many indigo nights and starry early mornings sitting outside the houses of friends, drinking ice cold wine and eating alcachofas. I made a third and successful trip up the mountain to a lumberyard and negotiated a fair rate for wooden beams that had to be lifted by cranes, built the walls and plastered the columns for a terrace on the west side of the house, and otherwise used my time in the twice-daily irrigation of pomegranates (they aren’t bursting before they ripen this year, but they are being eaten by birds) and rescuing the sparrow chicks that fall down the chimneys. This month I also got myself a dog, which I will call Belle.


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