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Cajun country

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Anywhere that gets the party going at 8.30am on a Saturday morning gets my vote. Breaux Bridges, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country, and everyone’s doing the two-step shuffle, drinking bloody mary’s, and eating crawfish and cornbread at – what by any reasonable person’s standards – would be the crack of dawn. This is good. Donna Angelle at the Zydeco Posse are doing their thing at Cafe des Amis. Shufflers and stompers are aged from eight to ninety. Along the main street everyone’s selling antiques. One shop’s run by a Beatle fan who plays in a rock band, and that’s going against the tide. I’ve checked into a cabin down on the Bayou – at the Bayou Cabins – run by the crowned King of Cracklin’. Newspapers covering the bathroom wall date back to 1955Fiddle and accordion music from Radio Mustang! thumps across the car park. The owners make crackling, boudin and hogshead cheese which I hoped was cheese but isn’t. There’ll be plenty more on the Cajun guide to life, and a short film, but not quite yet. I’ll be posting features and everything other than rough cuts from filming at the end of the American leg. Currently chasing my tail a little further down the road.

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Breaux Bridge New Year Cajun Feast!


Could there be a better New Years Eve party than the one Cafe des Amis is throwing in Breaux Bridges? Remember, the dancing and drinking and accordion playing starts at 8.30am here on a normal Saturday. If you don’t have plans, book a flight and a table for a right old feast and night of swampland revelry. Useful tip: Lisa, the friendly host at the Bayou Cabins swears that boudin / black pudding is the world’s no.1 hangover cure. Personally I didn’t have the courage to test that particularly theory. But check out the menu – this is tempting.

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