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Cats Hinder Olive Clean-Up

springflowerjoanJob number 302, cleaning-up the olives, is definitely supposed to be finished before November. However, what with one thing and another – blisters, disinterest thirty of forty got left. After rain and heat, vertical sprouts shot up from the base of the trunks and from every branch, turning the outward and downward foliage into thatch.
Now the temperatures are in the 20s I am more interested in being a farmer than working at a desk and after a day with a double bladed saw and pair of clippers, the forgotten trees look similar to the rest. If the cats had not clung to every branch I worked on I’d have done a better job.
Over the fence Fernando’s trees are giant bonsais: neat, clipped, regular and rising from ploughed and re-ploughed, furrowed earth.
Job number 387, ensuring vegetation doesn’t encroach on the olives and snaffle the available nutrients was supposed to be tackled in February. The grass is now waist-high. A strimmer is out of its box but as yet unused. Fernando has suggested sheep, and that’s an idea I am very keen on. There are some on the distant hill I think we can borrow, but there is paperwork required, and that takes time.
In the interim it looks like the donkeys will be coming back for the spring / summer season. That means replacing the gate I have just removed so they don’t clatter past the house kicking over chairs and eating the bougainvillea and car windscreen wipers.

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