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Last year when I moved into the farmhouse the only occupants of the grain loft were house martins and house sparrows. I waited and waited until all their eggs had hatched, and all the hatchlings had flown, and then for a long time to be sure, before reclaiming the space and turning it into somewhere to sleep. I had glass put in the windows and, to prevent birds from flying into it, I made strings of CDs and dangled them from the frame. Twisting and turning in the bright light the CD strings gave the farm the look of a hippy squat and discouraged the birds.
One year on I woke to find birds flying round the room. If it wasn’t for the cats I might even have been tempted to share the space but I closed the window to be kind. Now every morning they do fly-bys, giving the evil eye and shaking a metaphorical fist through the glass at the invader.

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