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Live in Detroit

WHERE? Mexicantown, Southwest Detroit (around Bagley Ave & Vernor Highway). WHAT IN? Something like this, located just to the north on Junction St. A 3-bedroom 1862 sq ft family home with 1 and a half bathrooms,many upgrades: siding, windows, cement driveway, carpeting, fencing, kitchen, kitchen cabinets and all. Quietly gingerbread in style with porch and off-street parking. Priced at a very reasonable $28,500. NEIGHBOURHOOD: On the rise and unusually lively (in a good way) for Detroit. Good community feel with a surplus of Mexican restaurants, bars, panaderias nearby, as well discotecas. Colourful, arty, cheery and energetic. NEIGHBOURS: This is Detroit’s fastest growing hood. Roughly half the population is Hispanic – not only Mexican, but plenty hailing from points south i.e. Guatemala, el Salvador, Columbia y mas, the rest representing the general Detroit mix: African Americans, descendants of earlier waves of immigration – Poles and the Irish, and a new influx of hipsters from all over the states. MORE INFO: See the excellent ModelD for the visiting and / or moving guide.

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