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Garden Macaws

The macaw turf war seems to be over. Actually, maybe it wasn’t a turf war – maybe it was a series of aerial soirees, raucous coming out balls for macaw debutantes. Anyway, the season’s over and the flock of thirteen that spent its days flying up and down this beach during January has broken up. Now it’s mainly a pair and a trio that feast on these almond trees –  I’ve just heard squawking and looked up to see two pairs and the trio, so who knows. Macaws mate for life and are generally in twos, so I’m curious to know more about the spare macaw. Is it a widow or widower the others take pity on? An offspring that won’t leave the nest? Are they having a ménage a trois? The groups come together in a tall palm beside the track up to the hotel, and then head for their preferred trees, one of which is the beach almond in front of the house.

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