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This Month’s Blossom

Daisies below the hen house. Eventually, I’m going to need to cut some down in order to create a space for growing lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. However, the 6ft daisies are a great cover for wildlife (including hares). There are 2 or 3 acres of daisies so plenty will be left to stand wild.
The mountains are covered in flowers and will be for the next two months, although the different species will take their turns to shine.

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Olive and Yellow

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My land is yellow. So many yellow flowers carpet the olive fields, I should feel guilty not knowing what they are called. I don’t suppose it matters too much. Spring brings joy and a wildflower spectacular. Also warmth – it reached 24 degrees yesterday. It’s not heat that permeates the walls or roof of the house and stepping inside is like diving into a freshwater pool. I keep my coat by the door and put it on as I enter.

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