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October Wild Swimming


There is a reservoir that looks like a loch. It’s about 30 kilometres around and aside from two jetties and the dam, there is nothing to suggest it’s manmade. When I swim from the shore I can feel the tops of drowned trees with my feet – that’s a clue, and when the water level drops very low old walls emerge at the far end where there used to be a bakery and flour mill. This is an Indian summer or quince summer as it’s known here and I’m still swimming in the lake and still the only person swimming in the lake. There are times when I am floating on my back out in the middle when I wonder why is that? Is it because of the crocodile-headed fish that the villagers say hunts in the depths? I hope so because I’m fairly confident it does not exist, though just occasionally when something splashes behind me I do wonder.


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Cadiz Countryside

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I live close to dramatic peaks, Roman cities and the translucent coast but I like the rolling pantano and have my favourite hills, trees, roads and slopes. These less dramatic landscapes are more beautiful to me, cheer me more.
Winter in rural Cádiz is not a hardship in retrospect, but the reward is warm earth, the too bright green pushing through, clear skies and the constant sounds of bleating and bells of sheep and goats.

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