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Retro Fabric Beach


From Austin to Marfa

Texas is big. Luling (A) to Austin to Marfa (C), 473 miles

If I was a nerd I would overlay the route taken by Travis Henderson in Paris, Texas. He didn’t get to Paris, Texas, but he – by which I really mean the great Harry Dean Stanton plus director, Wim Wenders and crew – did travel along Highway 10 from Houston to Fort Stockton, Marathon and onto El Paso. And to my mind there’s no film that catches the vast, flat dustiness and power and scale of southern Texas, like Paris Texas does. Helped of course by Ry Cooder’s plaintive soundtrack.

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Atlanta to New Orleans

Atlanta, Georgia – Montgomery, Alabama – New Orleans, Louisiana.  From the Bible bashing belt to Sodom & Gomorrah: 473 miles.

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Detroit to Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

If we’d had a map, we’d have done this differently. We have a map now.

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Toronto to Detroit

5 hours, 50 mins including a Subway stop, Greyhound CAD $42

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