24hrs: Costa Rica Rain

In the interest of fairness, I should say that it is currently sunny, and that from where I am sitting, I can see howler monkeys, spider monkeys and white-face monkeys, as well as about 50 of the 850 or so species of birds that twitchers come all this way to see. But it has been Very Wet. My clothes are damp, and my books are mouldy, and I am thinking wistfully about the British heatwave.

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Seal-spotting, Big Sur

 Stopped on Hwy 1 to look at seals and nature-loving seal-spotter hipsters.

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Car radio

Great preaching from the pulpit and from WGCR, a station broadcasting in the Asheville area of North Carolina. I think. Went over a hummock and lost the signal before he stopped for a station check, if he ever did. Recorded on iPhone only for the audio, although dirty, fly-spattered windscreen and low late afternoon sun are proper authentic.

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