Def: to defer action. Why you do it:

1. Because Newton says every action has an opposite action, so what’s the point?
2. Because you’re lazy.
3. Because action may result in new challenges you worry you may not be up to, and unforeseen risks.
4. It’s generally cheaper to do nothing. This doesn’t apply to procrastinating about tax returns, overdrafts, moving the car from a restricted parking zone.
5. You don’t know what to wear.
6.  You may regret not procrastinating. When you do nothing the troubles and tribulations of daily life are not your fault. When you make a plan it’s all your stupid idea.
7. Because Kylie said better the devil you know, and everybody danced.

That makes quite a case. But consider the risks: in an old Psychology Today (which, I guess makes it Psychology Yesterday) some doctors said that procrastinators drink more than they intend to, and procrastinating students “had more gastrointestinal problems”.

Personally, I think a more compelling reason for quitting procrastination is complete and utter boredom. So I’m going to sit here and do some research into how to stop sitting around.


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