Invasion of the Fruitsnatchers

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Something’s eaten the fruit. Half have large, neat, round holes on them. This is clearly why the potatoes were left in a sealed red tub. Furthermore, there are ants inside the tap of the water bottle. They plummet into the glass alive, clinging to ice cubes, their heads encased in air bubbles like astronauts in their helmets. I know I should find this fascinating and ingenious, but I usually just swear. Talking of which, I have spent ten minutes chasing a Jesus Christ lizard out of the shower. I should have thrown a t-shirt over him and caught him, but I couldn’t decide which one, and then once the chase started,  on it went. Jesus Christ lizards aren’t named for the reaction they typically get when found in a shower, but for their ability to run across the surface of water – another marvel of nature that involves air pockets. They do that very well. What they don’t do so well, is run across polished floors, and there’s much skittering and overshooting of open doors.

Now late afternoon, I have just climbed up the bank (snake alert! snake alert!) behind the house to pick a grapefruit I can eat all myself. The days have now dropped into a bit of a pattern: Fruit, beach, tractor up, busy day in the office, pleasant stroll back down, beer on steps. Occasionally at dusk, like now, there’s also attack of the sand flies, the dreaded purujas. It’s all to do with the moon apparently, although there doesn’t really seem to be a pattern. Seeking refuge inside, I’ve been playing chess on the computer. I can’t play chess, but it’s nice to hear voices. I just let them play against each other:

“I would suggest” says ‘Vicki’, “D1 to D3”.

“Castle to Rookside” says the computer.

And on they go.

Mainly what I hear tonight are frogs. Like me, they really like Oops Oh My by Tweet Ft Fabolous. When I play it, the croak volume goes up. I play the music louder, they croak louder etc. They are finding it arousing. To be fair, there’s stuff  on that track that sounds exactly like bull frogs. Anyway, there’s a lot of them right outside the window now. They’ve come from far and wide, and they are pretty excited.

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